A Glimpse In Time Photography
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"A picture is a poem without words."- Confucius

 My name is Heather and I'm an innovative photographer in the Abilene, KS area.  I specialize in Baby, Children, Family and Senior portraits, but enjoy all niches of photography.

My first memory involving a camera was when I was 11 and I learned how to use the cheap little film camera that I had found and claimed.  I ran around the house taking pictures of my stuffed animals and wasting rolls upon rolls on silly nothings.   I've always been intrigued with cameras.  Once I reached middle school,  I was pulling out the camera and getting friends together to "model".  Trying to find fun and interesting places and poses filled me with such excitement!


In 2006 I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and was wanting to capture every wiggle, giggle, and milestone.  When my daughter was about a year old, I captured this image, above, of her that would change my life.  The way the light hit her face and the innocent wonder in her eyes set in motion my photography dream!  I want to give everyone the gift of having gorgeous portraits that capture those little glimpses that makes each and everyone of us unique. Moments that eventually vanish if not preserved on print.  Whether it's confidence, sadness, joy, laughter, contentment, or love,  my dream is to give everyone a portrait full of emotion and that they can look at and cherish for a lifetime!

So, after six years of complete dedication to my passion, I have educated myself through seminars, conventions, books, classes through the Art Institute for photography, and have poured my heart into this business to become better and better each year.  I've even gone to Vegas, Dallas, and Kansas City for the After Dark Education conventions to study under some of the nations best photographers.   

My goal as a photographer is to bring you something different than most...something uniquely yours!  I can offer you one-of-a-kind portraits and my objective is to give you an unforgettable experience with A Glimpse in Time Photography!

Thank you for looking at my site and hope to get to know you in a future session!

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